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Why Women Get Bunions

By goddessbody · May 27, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Is it the shoes? Women are consistently led to believe that their fabulous heels  are the cause of their bunions, bunionettes, and hammer toes. As a foot reader and reflexologist, I have seen hundreds of pairs of feet and there doesn’t always seem to be a connection between high-heeled shoes and foot problems. In fact, I find more women with bunions habitually in very sensible shoes. Now, I’m not suggesting that styling in stilettos each day is good for your foot health either. But if you start asking questions about what was going on in your life when the foot problem arrived, you may discover there are some emotional prompts to foot dilemmas. Bunions are most common in women, and the cause is often attributed to unsuitable footwear. However, I believe that women get bunions, not because of shoes, but for emotional reasons. 

Let's look at our feet!

First, to me, the big toe symbolically equals your identity and self-image. So, ideally your big toe, like all the toes, should be straight and pointing forward showing you are in control of your life and walking your destined path.

Do you have a bump at the base of your big toe? Many people do and erroneously refer to this as a bunion. However a bunion is actually when the big toe shifts and angles in toward the other toes. Here's what it all means....

Bump at base of big toe but your toe is still straight = you take on a lot of responsibilities. You are busy, busy, busy, and rarely take time for yourself.

Bunion (see photo) = your responsibilities are moving you away from your personal path, needs and goals. You put everyone's needs before yours. I see bunions frequently on social workers, nurses, and other caretakers.

Painful bump and/or bunion = your responsibilities (bump) or nurturer-caretaker role (bunion) is becoming a terrible burden....possibly causing physical or emotional pain.

Red bump and/or bunion = there is anger and resentment building over your responsibilities and nurturing behavior.

So, in a nutshell, I believe women get bunions more frequently than men because we are often in nurturer-caretaker roles and are likely to put our needs last.

Emotional health = foot health! 

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